How to Update Your Website Without Getting Stuck | Updating your website can feel impossible when perfectionism creeps in. Check out our tips for how to update your site without getting stuck.

Entrepreneurs just like you function in a world of constant connection, and creatives are often striving for those “Pinterest-perfect” designs, copy, and web functionality. 

If you are anything like us here at Bluchic, wanting your site to be perfect can really hold you back! 

We want you to know, though: Perfectionism kills your creativity and distracts you from your real goals. There is always time to review and make changes to your site later, so our best tip is… just start!

If you are in the process of updating your website but keep getting stuck or feel like “nothing is perfect,” this blog is for you. 

We are sharing our top 5 ways to update your website without getting stuck so you can get one step closer to a website that works for you.

Done is Better Than Perfect: How to Update Your Website Without Getting Stuck

1 | Plan

Go in with a plan. Look at your website and see what needs updating. Is it copy? Images? The design? Make sure you know exactly what to fix before you move onto the next step. 

We encourage you to make a list of the things that you feel need updated and include as much detail as you can. Then, put them in order from most to least important and use this as your guide for what to prioritize. 

How to keep your website up-to-date

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2 | Time-block

Time-blocking your day is so helpful to get more things done in less time! When you are working on updating your website, just thinking about doing it all in a day can make you freeze up. You don’t have to do it all at once, though! Set a timer for 25 minutes and focus on just one page of your website or blog. Start with the most important thing you want to update and go from there. 

Another tip we suggest is to block out specific increments of time during your week to focus solely on updating your website. This will help you consistently work through your list of things to update!

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3 | Keep track of your progress

When the timer ends as you finish a time block, make a list of what you still want to update and take a break. If you have time, you can go back to it after a quick 10-15 minute break. If not, put another 25-minute sprint in your calendar. 

Remember, updating your site is not an overnight process. The end product is as much a journey as it is a destination. Waiting for things to be perfect will only hold you back and leave you feeling frustrated with the process.

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4 | Update your design

If you need to update the design of your website, that alone can make you dread the process. After all, you’re not likely a web designer! Starting with a WordPress theme can be a great way to save time and stress. You can also purchase add-on kits that allow you to create additional pages, like podcast pages, affiliate pages, and more as your business grows.

The best part? No need to spend hours creating new pages from scratch — or even updating old ones! Simply purchase the Bluchic WordPress theme that best fits your needs, upload and start using it with Elementor today! 

We make it so easy to update your website with a fresh new design that shows off all you have to offer — whether that’s a service, coaching, products, or a mix of them all.

This can also guide other updates on your site, as we offer guidance on the structure of your copy and you even get a few stock photos included! No guessing, no stressing.

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5 | Done vs. perfect

Remember that done is better than perfect. Give yourself timelines to work on the areas of your website that need attention and perhaps consider outsourcing to an expert if it’s not something you have time to tackle on your own. 

Perfectionism can really steal the joy out of the design and updating process. Just take the first step and start!

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Final Thoughts 

Wanting your website to be perfect can prevent you from ever creating a website that works. We hope these tips help you move past the fear and overwhelm so you can get going today! 

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