We’re giving you a behind the scenes look at the 4 ways we promote our business that give us the biggest return on investment!

You want to be cost-effective with your marketing because you’re a small business.

In this day and age, everything is changing all the time so it’s important to consistently re-evaluate and make sure what you’re doing still works.

We all want to make the most out of our money, so we’re giving you a behind-the-scenes look at the 4 ways we promote our business that give us the biggest return on investment.

Keep in mind that what works for us may not work for you, but we know how much we love seeing behind the scenes of other businesses so we decided to peel back the curtain on ours. Enjoy!

The Best Nearly Free Ways To Promote Your Business That Will Give You a Big Return on Investment

1 | Organic search

By far, organic search has been our biggest source of traffic to our website. More traffic = more shop visits = more customers.

A large part of our organic search referral is in thanks to this very here blog. Keep in mind we’ve been blogging for over 5 years so time is definitely on our side here, but consistently adding new content to our site has significantly increased our revenue and has been worth the investment of time.

Here are some of our most popular blog posts to give you an idea of what works for our business:

Our tips:

  • Research keywords for your industry and write on topics that your audience is already searching for.
  • Add content marketing to your strategy, whether you’re blogging, adding YouTube videos to your site, or doing podcast interviews.
  • Give it time. To rank high on the Google search results, it will take some time before you start reaping the benefits of your efforts.

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2 | Email marketing

Email marketing is the next marketing strategy that brings us a huge return on investment, both on time and money.

Even though at the end of last year we had a major email list hiccup, email marketing is still one of our top ways to refer potential customers to our shop, keep in contact with current customers, and keep our affiliates in the loop on upcoming promotions.

Everyone online business should be utilizing email marketing for their business.

Our tips:

  • Give a behind the scenes look at your business in your email newsletters. People want to know the person behind the business.
  • Make sure email marketing is a part of your strategy for each promotion you have for your business. These people are your biggest fans so treat them as so!
  • Set up email funnels for your different products. Nurture your audience by giving information away for free before asking for the sale.

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3 | Pinterest

People mistakenly think of Pinterest as a social media platform but it’s really a search engine.

Once you think about it, it really is a search engine. People are using the search function to find the topic that they’re looking for.

By consistently blogging and pinning our blog posts onto Pinterest, we’re getting new traffic every day.

Our tips:

  • Create a board that’s dedicated specifically to your blog posts. This helps….. Check out ours here.
  • Remember to use keywords in your pin descriptions.
  • Also, use keywords in your board descriptions so you can rank higher in the search results for your niche.

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4 | Relationship building

Of all of the tips I’ve shared, I think this one is my favorite.

Building relationships with other online business owners have been crucial in helping us grow our business. Social media and blogging are great, but there’s nothing that compares to build real relationships with other people.

We’ve got the chance to partner with amazing gals such as Elle from Styled Stock Society and we’re excited to build even more relationships this year with some amazing girl bosses!

Our tips:

  • Reach out to the people you admire and follow on social media, you could end up becoming besties!
  • Leave thoughtful comments on their social media accounts. Get to know the person behind the profile.
  • Set up virtual coffee chats so you can get to know people in your audience.
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Final Thoughts

While these 4 things are pivotal to our business growth, we also can’t sit still for too long and plan on branching into other ways to market our business. Here are a few things we’re planning on focusing on:

  • Increased communication and resources for our affiliates
  • Partnering with influencers, particularly Youtubers
  • Facebook & Google advertising

We hope this was helpful!

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