Building a Strong Tripwire Funnel Page | How do you design an effective tripwire funnel page? Learn about five elements you need to include to drive conversions.

A tripwire funnel can be an excellent tool to increase revenue. It’s an upselling tactic that generally requires minimal time and effort on your part. 

And tripwire offers can be extremely effective, both initially and in the long term. Why? Because it’s easier to convince someone to buy from you again once you’ve already gotten them to make an initial purchase.

So, how do you build an effective tripwire page? Let’s look at the 5 elements you need to include.

1 | A Lead Magnet Related to Your Tripwire

While you can use a “standard” tripwire that brings a visitor directly to your tripwire offer, most online businesses have switched to using a 2-step tripwire. This approach starts with a free opt-in before giving the lead the tripwire offer.

If you choose to use the 2-step model, you need a lead magnet. And more importantly, you need a lead magnet that’s directly related to your tripwire. 

You don’t want potential customers to feel like you pulled a bait-and-switch on them by offering a lead magnet for something they wanted and then trying to sell them on something completely different.

So design an opt-in lead magnet that flows nicely into your tripwire offer. For example, if your tripwire offer is a discounted ebook, your lead magnet could be a PDF of tips related to the topic of the ebook. 

If your tripwire offer is an online course, your opt-in could be a free webinar that serves as an intro to whatever the course is about.

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2 | A Compelling Tripwire Offer

You’ve got your enticing lead magnet. What’s next? Making sure your tripwire offer is hard to turn down.

A well-designed tripwire offer accelerates your brand’s relationship with potential customers. Instead of waiting weeks or months to nurture your customer into a sale via the email sequence they signed up for on your opt-in page, you’re attempting to get them to commit to a purchase right away.

That means what you’re selling has to be so amazing that your customer is willing to pay for it on the spot. You need to earn their trust quickly, so develop an offer that will deliver them an excellent experience.

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3 | The Right Pricing Strategy

With a tripwire offer, you need to find a balance. The tripwire should offer substantial value (so it feels like a legitimate one-time offer), but it shouldn’t be priced so low that you lose revenue.

Generally, a tripwire offer should be fairly affordable. But you might not want to make it as cheap as possible. 

If you lower the price too much, you could lose money, and you might even cause a customer to think that your offers aren’t very valuable to begin with.

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4 | Conversion-Optimized Copy

Now that you’ve developed and priced your tripwire offer, it’s time to sell it! The copy of your tripwire page is crucial — you’re relying on it to convert customers faster than your other marketing elements (e.g., email sequences, website copy, etc.).

Craft copy that’s perfectly aligned with your brand and tailored precisely to the target audience you’re trying to reach with your lead magnet. Be convincing — but don’t cross that line into desperation.

You want your customer to feel like they’re getting a special deal. But you don’t want to come across as insincere or pushy.

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5 | A Sense of Urgency

What’s the last element that a good tripwire page needs? A time limit. A tripwire offer is, by nature, a limited-time deal. It’s something the potential customer will only get one shot at purchasing.

You can nudge them gently by building a sense of urgency. But don’t go overboard. Covering the page with a giant countdown clock or end-of-the-world sales copy isn’t the right approach.

But you could use a subtle timer at the top or bottom of the page. You can also clearly show how much of a discount the tripwire offer is giving the customer. 

And you can sprinkle in some language here and there that reminds the customer that this is a limited-time offer that they don’t have forever to decide on.

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Final Thoughts

A tripwire funnel can help you grow your customer base quickly. And it can also help you learn your audience better. If there’s a significant disconnect between leads and tripwire conversions, you know that you need to make changes somewhere.

Once you’ve created your tripwire offer and related lead magnet, you need to build a strong page to sell that offer. Write conversion-focused copy and build a sense of urgency. But don’t get pushy — no one wants the “hard sell,” especially from a brand they’ve just discovered.

It’s all about finding that balance. Promote your offer, but show your customer that you’re still prioritizing them over your bottom line.

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