5 Almost Effortless Tricks To Make Sure Your Blog Posts Get Shared By Hundreds of People | Do you want to get your blog post shared by hundreds, if not thousands, of people? Of course you do! Check out these 5 almost effortless tricks to make sure your blog posts are getting shared like wildfire!

Are your blog posts not getting the shares you think it deserves?

Do you dream of having a piece of your content go viral because it’s just that good?

Get shared by hundreds, if not thousands, of people?

It’s one thing to create a blog post that’s chock full of amazing advice for your readers, but if no one is sharing it, it’s not going to get the recognition it deserves.

Writing a knock-it-out-of-the-park piece of content is only one small part of creating a post that gets hundreds if not thousands of shares across the web.

When you’re writing your next post, be sure to implement these five almost effortless tricks to make sure your blog posts get shared over and over again!

5 Almost Effortless Tricks To Make Sure Your Blog Posts Get Shared By Hundreds of People

1 | Create awesome social graphics

You know the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words?

Well, we say a picture is worth a thousand readers! 😀

Your social media graphics is what is going to attract new and old readers alike to come to check out your blog post in the first place. I’d venture to say it’s the #1 thing that’s going to help your blog posts get shared by others.

Think about it: The last time you were perusing Pinterest, what images caught your eye and enticed you to click to learn more?

Or how about the last time you’re scrolling through Facebook or Twitter, which posts stood out to you in the feed: the ones with graphics or the ones without?
Hmm, let me guess: the ones with amazing graphics are the ones that caught your eye!

Social media graphics also helps you:

  • Improve SEO: Including quality images in your blog posts helps you rank higher in the search results. Make sure to include keywords in the title of your graphics and in the alt text!
  • Increase the probability of people sharing on social media: If there’s a pretty, Pinterest sized image included in your blog post people will be much more likely to share it than if there isn’t.
  • Break up blocks of text: Nobody likes reading long blocks of text. It’s hard on the eyes! Graphics help keep your post fun and interesting to read!

It’s essential to have social media graphics that are on brand, well-designed, and gorgeous to look at to have your blog posts get shared by tons of people.

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2 | Ask

I know it can seem pushy to ask your dedicated readers to share a blog post, but isn’t the whole point of you writing your blog to help more people?

The way you attract more people to your blog is by getting more people sharing your posts, right?! Right!

Sometimes people need a small reminder to share your blog post, so they’ll appreciate the subtle hints. A simple ask can go a long way!

Ways you can ask your audience to share:

  • Use click to tweet: We love including click to tweet in each of our blog posts. A couple of clicks and it’s shared on Twitter!
  • Put a line of texting asking them to share: Putting a line of text asking them to pin a graphic on Pinterest or giving them a short line of copy they can copy and paste onto Facebook is a great way to get people sharing.
  • Use social sharing buttons: Use a plugin like Social Warfare (what we’re using on our blog *affiliate link*) to add social sharing buttons to your blog post. Check our out below!

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3 | Share your post. often.

In addition to asking people to share, you also need to be sharing your blog posts, and sharing them often!

A common mistake people make when they are writing blog content is that once they are done with the post, they move on to the next.

That’s a big no-no, my friend!

Here’s the truth: People are busy these days so even your most loyal followers aren’t seeing every single blog post you publish at the time you share it.

Ways to continuously be sharing your blog content:

  • Use a recycled content scheduler like Meet Edgar or SmarterQueue.
  • Install a WordPress plugin like Revive Old Post or CoSchedule that shares old blog posts to social media.
  • Incorporate old, but relevant blog posts into your email welcome series.
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4 | Make your post easy to read

Nobody likes looking at long, boring paragraphs.

People are skimming content more and more these days, so it’s important for you to make it as easy to consume as possible.

Ways to make your post easy to read:

  • Headings: These break down what you’re talking about into easy, bite size chunks.
  • Bullet points: People love reading bulleted lists (just like this one!).
  • Italics, bold, and underline: Used sparingly, these can be an effective way to emphasis an important point you’re trying to make.

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5 | Create a catchy headline

Your headline needs to grab the attention of the reader so they’re excited to continue reading your blog post.

You don’t want to over-promise or stretch the truth of what your blog post is about, but you want to make it attractive

Ways to create a catchy headline:

Final Thoughts

If you’re creating incredible content, you want to make sure that everyone that needs to read it can find it. As online content creators, we’re all looking for ways to increase our website traffic and these five almost effortless tips are bound to help you get plenty of more visitors your way.

Who wouldn’t want to make sure their blog posts get shared by hundreds (if not thousands) of people?!

If you implement any of these tips, send us a DM on Instagram to let us know how it worked! We’d love to hear from you!

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