How Coaching Websites Differ from Service Sites | Coaching and consulting websites are different than serviced-based ones. Learn how, and get tips to set your coaching website up for success.

When you’re running coaching or consulting business (or getting ready to launch one), your website needs to be a crucial part of it.

But you can’t just launch any type of website; you need to make sure it is written, styled, and designed to speak directly to your ideal customer. 

What does all of that entail, exactly?

It means understanding the differences between your site and other service-based business sites.

Luckily, Bluchic is here to help you do just that.

How Coaching & Consulting Sites Differ From Service-Based Sites

1 | More Personalized Connections

Coaching and consulting entails working very closely with clients — typically on a more personal level. It’s important your website reflects that. How? Through content and design that encourages connections. 

Take the time to craft copy that includes details like your background, coaching style, and how you connect with clients. You can also leverage every opportunity to invite users to connect with you.

For example, instead of building calls-to-action (CTAs) that say ‘Contact Me,’ try phrases like ‘Let’s Have a Conversation,’ ‘Let’s Work Together,’ or ‘Connect with Me.’

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2 | Testimonials

88% of consumers rely on reviews or testimonials when deciding what to purchase online. While testimonials are a crucial part of any website, they’re especially important if you’re selling coaching or consulting services. After all, consumers aren’t just buying an item; they’re investing in a person — you! 

Pro tip: Add testimonials to your sales or booking page, as they can increase conversions by an average of 34%!

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3 | Resources, Resources, Resources

It may seem counterproductive to have several resources on your website. Why offer your work for free? Turns out, there are a few reasons they can help your site and your coaching biz:

  1. They’re a great way to prove what you can offer (and what customers can gain) from your coaching or consulting.
  2. They can help with the initial buy-in for visitors. If they’re having a hard time pulling the trigger on your services, they can start with your resources and hopefully grow their loyalty from there.
  3. They’re perfect for building your email list. By adding your resources to landing pages, you can boost your opt-ins and continue to cultivate connections (and conversions!) through emails and special offers.  

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4 | Easy Booking

Remember when we talked about cultivating more personalized connections? Your contact form should be no exception. If you want potential clients to connect with you, make it easy for them to do just that! 

Have a contact form that’s easy to fill out or a call scheduler for them to make an appointment request. Don’t forget to provide details of how quickly you’ll get back to them — you don’t want to leave them on reading!

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5 | Streamlined Services

While it’s important to have detailed content on your site, it’s also crucial you strike a balance with a clear structure and design. That’s because you want to streamline the time it takes for audiences to take action on your website. 

So, instead of bogging down your website with lots of content, photos, and pages with endless scrolls, break your content up into easy-to-read paragraphs and strong CTAs. Answer questions like:

  • “How can I help you?”
  • “Am I the right coach for you?”
  • “What will we accomplish when we work together?”
  • “How does your process work?”
  • “What should I expect from working with you?” (i.e. calls, work involved, etc.)

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Final Thoughts 

Coaching or consulting business requires a strong website to show audiences exactly why they need to invest. With the right features, attention to detail, and templates designed to convert, you can set your site (and biz) up for success while speaking directly to your ideal customers. Ready to get started?

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