9 Actionable Tasks To Do When Business is Slow | Use slow times in your business and take action to improve! Here are 9 actionable tasks you can take when business is slow.

We all have slumps and slow periods in our businesses, whether it’s because of a holiday or it’s just an off-season.

No matter what industry you’re in, it happens! 

Don’t stress! You can use these slower periods to reevaluate your business and take action to improve on a variety of areas so you’re ready to rock when the inquiries or sales roll in again.

Rather than being afraid of this “downtime,” use it to your advantage — and think of it as the perfect time to dive into those business projects you didn’t have time for before. 

Here are 9 things we do when business is slow:

9 Actionable Tasks To Do When Business Is Slow

1 | Create a new opt in

Old and new visitors alike are browsing your website frequently (even if they’re not buying or booking at the moment). While business is slow, you could create a new opt-in for your email list.

There are plenty of different ways you can create a new opt-in, and tons of formats to choose from. Think about ideas you could share as a:

  • Printable or digital worksheet
  • Free challenge/event
  • Webinar or new course
  • Discount on products/services
  • E-book

The options are endless! Be creative and brainstorm ways you can add a fresh new opt-in to your site.

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2 | Update your website

When was the last time you updated your website? During downtime, take advantage and revamp your site!

Take a look at your product/services, about, and contact pages and make sure everything is up-to-date and accurate. Remember, you want to make these pages about your potential new client. What’s in it for them if they work with you or buy your products?

Is your site looking a little dated? We have beautiful WordPress themes designed just for business owners like you. We make it so easy to update your website with a fresh new design that shows off all you have to offer — whether that’s a service, coaching, products, or a mix of them all.

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3 | Refresh your social presence

It can be overwhelming to refresh your social media presence because, let’s be honest, it’s constantly changing! 

First things first: Take a look at your social profiles to see if they are up to date. Do you need to update photos? Contact info? What about your bio? Dig into your analytics and take a look at your follower growth and engagement you have had. You can also use this time to create content for the next couple of months, so you’re not scrambling to create it when business picks up again.

Also consider whether or not you are using the most up-to-date and “trending” platforms and tools like TikTok and Reels. Social videos generate 1200% more shares than text or images, so, if you haven’t started using them, today is the day! 

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4 | Update sales pages and funnels

The right sales funnels turn website readers into email subscribers and then into clients or customers. Updating your sales funnels will help ensure you’re being consistent with your marketing and catching anything that goes wrong. You’d be surprised how often connections, links, or payment forms break!

If you haven’t created a sales funnel yet, a slowdown is a perfect time to do so. Brainstorm how you can turn one of your offers into a low-price purchase, or even create upsells, tripwires, and more! 

Sound hard? You just need a little help from one of our funnel templates! Do you want to sell your ebook? Sell a guide or template? No matter what you want to market, our sales funnel WordPress pages are easy to customize so you can start selling!

5 | Revisit and realign with your goals

As a small business, it’s important to consistently be re-visiting your goals and re-aligning them as necessary.

Take time to review the goals you set for yourself at the beginning of the year, quarter, or month. Then, write down all of the information about your business as it sits right now: sales on products/services, social media numbers, the number of email subscribers, website views per month, etc. Then, write down everything you’re doing now for your business. That includes all of the day-to-day work you do, as well as any marketing tasks you do on behalf of your business.

Take a look back at the goals you set for yourself “back then” and identify which tasks you are currently doing that have helped you make progress on those goals. Then, review which tasks you should eliminate that aren’t helping you grow.

If you don’t currently have business goals, take this time to make some! If looking forward to a year that intimidates you, try and make goals for the next 90 days. Quarterly goals are so effective!

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6 | Plug money leaks

When was the last time you really took a look at the money coming in and going out of your business? Write down (or type out) everything you spend money on for your business each month and how much it costs.

Review and see if there are any subscriptions, products, or services that you are no longer using and discontinue those services. We know we aren’t the only ones who started paying for a subscription and then totally forgot to cancel it! It happens.

Are there new resources or subscriptions that combine several services or subscriptions you need? Do some research and see if there are things you can streamline into fewer subscriptions or services! 

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7 | Assess current audience

Take some time to reevaluate your current target audience. Using Google Analytics or other tracking tools, consider the demographics of people landing on your websites or sales pages. Do they align with the messaging and branding that you have established in your business? Are they who you thought they would be?

You may want to make adjustments after reflecting on who is actually engaging with your site and content. We like to think about our audience like our “avatar.” If you don’t already have an ideal client mapped out, write down the type of person you are speaking to with your posts, blogs, podcasts, or offers. Think about their age and demographics, stage of life, occupation, etc. Use this to guide future content, outreach, etc. (It might even help business pick up!)

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8 | Update graphics 

Creating a memorable brand is one of the best ways to keep a steady stream of business coming in. It also helps you stand out from the competition. That’s why now when business is slow, is the perfect time to update your graphics, templates, old web pages, etc. to match your current branding! 

Visuals enhance your brand in a way that words never will. Let your graphics speak for themselves. We want you to create consistency in your brand, so use this time to comb throughout your website, social media pages, opt in pages, and more. Do you have an outdated blog graphic that needs to be updated? A social media template you’d like to refresh? Start now!

9 | Learn something new 

A slow season in your business is the perfect time to learn something new! Try out a new social media platform like TikTok, take an online course or an in-person class, or research a new revenue stream for your business.

There are so many ways to learn new things now, and you can learn virtually anything online. Downtime does not have to mean wasted time. Keep your mind fresh and learn a new skill! You never know — what you learn just might be what you need to bring business back up.

Final Thoughts 

Even when business is slow, you can still be productive and plant new seeds for your business. There are so many ways you can still be proactive and productive in your business during these (inevitable) downtimes. 

Of course, we believe that updating your website and giving it a fresh new updated look is one of the best ways to use this time! Check out our beautiful and professional WordPress templates to revamp your site in no time — so you’re back up and running just in time for all those new clients or customers to come searching.

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