5 Elements Your Health & Wellness Website Needs | What’s the secret to a health and wellness site that boosts your brand reach along with traffic and sales? Discover key elements to a great website here.

As a health and wellness entrepreneur, have you ever checked out your competitors’ websites for design inspiration?

Maybe you’ve bookmarked ones you’ve liked and come across ones that were not so great.

Did you notice why you were drawn to certain sites and not others?

There are certain elements in a website that can make or break a brand. Great design, navigation, and clear copy aimed at your customers’ needs can make your website amazing.

For health and wellness brands, there are also a few things you need to include. Discover 5 key elements to a great website in this blog post.

5 Elements Your Health & Wellness Website Needs

1 | Design that represents your brand

What’s the first thing you notice when you visit a new website? Probably how it looks. Image choice, fonts, colors, design, and spacing…all of these affect the impression your website gives to visitors. You want a website that accurately represents your brand and what you do.

Every brand is unique, of course, but businesses in the health and wellness industry probably share a lot of the same characteristics. You might choose stock photos of people that look calm and content, or brand colors that evoke feelings of energy and vitality. Whatever your brand design choices are, your website should reflect them.

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2 | Intuitive navigation

How your website looks is important, of course, but how it performs is just as important! If your site visitors can’t be sure what wellness services you offer or they can’t figure out how to hire you as a fitness coach, your website is holding you back. 

Put yourself in your audience’s shoes and click through your website. It should be inviting, simple, uncluttered, and easy to understand.

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3 | Copy and design aimed at your target audience

Who are you talking to and what do they want? This can be pretty tough for some small biz owners, but if you’re in the health and wellness space, I have a feeling that you’re in touch with your target audience!

For example, if you’re a food blogger who focuses on gluten-free recipes, you know that your target audience is health-conscious, cooks at home, and is familiar with gluten-free dishes and ingredients. If you’re a yoga instructor, you might have a broader target audience with different age groups and levels of experience, but they all want to feel good by doing yoga.

What does this mean for your website? Once you narrow down your target audience, you can write copy that speaks to their needs, goals, and preferences. Show your audience that your services are what they’re looking for.

Once you narrow down your target audience, you can write copy that speaks to their needs, goals, and preferences. Show your audience that your health and wellness services are what they’re looking for.Click To Tweet

4 | Clear description of services

Speaking of services…is it completely obvious what you offer through your health and wellness business? And is your list of services up to date? You don’t want to accidentally promote old services to potential customers, who may be disappointed to find out you no longer offer it.

Your website should have a main page that organizes your services so that they’re easy to understand. Whether you organize them by type or price is up to you. Just make sure that the differences between your services are clear.

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5 | All the right pages for your business

You have the design, the copy, the navigation, and the clarity down pat. What website pages do you actually need for your health and wellness website?

If you don’t know where to start, here are the most important pages to have:

  • Home. You need a great homepage to make a great first impression on your customers! Put the top-level info on your homepage and keep it simple, or you risk people getting overwhelmed and leaving your site. 
  • About. Who are you and why should someone hire you over another person? What do you sell and why? Share these important details about yourself, and add a photo if you can. People like to see who’s behind the brand.
  • Services. We just talked about this, but we’ll say it again. You need a clear and organized service page to make those sales!
  • Testimonials/Portfolio. So many customers read other customers’ reviews before making a purchase. You need a testimonials page to showcase those rave reviews, or a portfolio page to show off your visual work.
  • Contact. Some businesses have their contact info embedded on a different page or in their header and footer. That’s great, but many customers look for a dedicated “Contact” link. Anticipate your customer behavior and make it easy for people to get in touch with you!
  • Blog. That’s right, you need a blog. Blogs offer your audience free, valuable content. You can also improve your SEO and increase traffic to your site by keeping a blog.

Of course, you can have more pages than these, but this is a solid start to building a good website.

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Final Thoughts 

By designing your website with these elements in mind, I know you’ll start to see better traffic and more customer engagement soon.

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