Why Online Business is Great for Moms | Are you a mom who wants to provide for your family while working from home? See 5 reasons why online business is great for moms, and how to get started!

Alright, you mamas out there…this post is for YOU!

Many moms, just like you, are looking for ways to contribute to their family’s finances while also still caring for their children at home. Especially after the pandemic.

Here at Bluchic, we firmly believe there has never been a better time to start an online business. We can all agree that 2020 taught us all a lot, but it’s especially clear that having an online business or work can be such an advantage. 

Having an online business can give you the best of both worlds — making money by using your talents and bringing value to others while also having the ability to be at home with your children. That does not mean it is always easy, but it is incredibly rewarding.

If you’re a mom considering starting an online business, we want to share why we believe online business is best and where you should start. 

Mompreneurs and Mom Bosses: Why Online Business is the Best 

1 | Get More Time Back

Having the option to work from home is something many people want, but it’s especially desirable for moms. Many women feel like they have to choose between working and pursuing a career or being a “stay-at-home mom.” What if you could have both? 

There are endless possibilities when it comes to work you can do from home — entirely online — while also raising your kids! If you are working from home, you can say goodbye to that long commute, and hours will be added back into your day that you may have previously spent traveling to and from work.

Plus, just imagine being able to take kids to school, do homework, or drive them to practice without worrying about schedules or telling a boss why you need more time off.

You’ll have more time in your day to do what’s most important to you.

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2 | Flexibility

Running an online business gives you an incredible amount of flexibility. You do not have to report to any specific place or person at any specific time, and you truly can create a schedule that works best for you and your family. You can start and end your work when you choose, and make your schedule around your kids! 

Maybe you drop your kids off at school, work for a few hours, meet a friend for a workout class, and then work a few more hours before it’s time to pick your kids up. Or maybe you have younger children and nap time is when you get to it! The beauty of online business is that you can adapt your work schedule around your family, and you do not have to ask for anyone’s permission to do so!

You are able to throw in a load of laundry, run a few errands, get your work done that needs to get done, and then get back to your family! No more watching the clock tick until it hits 5 pm. You are able to be as productive as you want and once you are done, you are done! Of course, the key here is creating strong boundaries from the start — so you are not working nights or weekends to try and catch up.

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3 | Low Start-up Costs

Have you dreamed of starting a business… but get hung up thinking about how expensive it would be? Online businesses allow you to avoid high upfront costs that brick and mortar businesses require.

You don’t have to worry about paying rent somewhere for a retail space or long-term lease commitments. Even if you want to sell physical products, you don’t even need to invest your money into inventory — you can set up a drop-shipping and have someone else store and ship your products!

Another huge benefit to being online is that you are not limited to any geographical boundaries. You are able to offer your product or service to anyone globally, and even serve people who are somewhere across the globe from you! We think that’s pretty cool, don’t you?

We can all agree that 2020 taught us all a lot, but it’s especially clear that having an online business is a huge advantage. If you’re a mom considering a career shift, or you want to start a business, read why an online business might be the next step for you!Click To Tweet

4 | You Get to Choose Your Business!

Let’s say you’ve bought into the idea of having an online business… but where do you start?? We encourage you to begin thinking about your special gifts and talents. Are you creative and enjoy creating art or jewelry? Do you have training in a particular industry or area? Have you gone to school for something that you could apply to an online business? Do you love organizing things or creating meal plans?

Make a list of all the things you enjoy or have experience in — and the things you love doing. The most successful online businesses are those that align with your talents and strengths. If you are having trouble thinking of what you are gifted at or have expertise in, ask your friends and family or even former employees and coworkers!

We recommend “brain dump” sessions where you would write down all of your talents/experience in the middle and then branch out from the center with more specific ideas for products or services that could help people in unique ways!

For example, we’ve heard from amazing women who were teachers or early childhood educators. They turned their training into homeschooling resources for parents or virtual reading programs! Other women have turned their love of schedules and organization into becoming virtual assistants. Really, the sky is the limit — and you get to choose.

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5 | There’s More Than One Way to Build an Online Business

If you just did a little brainstorming session to identify your business ideas, you might be up to your eyeballs in ideas. How will you build that business, and what type of work would really support you and your family?

It helps to focus on a few different business types: Services, Products, and Freelance.

1. Service-Based Businesses

With a service business, you offer to perform a task or complete a project for someone. You essentially “do it for them.” You might design logos for companies or offer tax help. Maybe you do virtual assistant work for other online businesses. Some people teach or offer education on topics they have expertise in, i.e. teaching a language, offering fitness classes, creating meal plans, or offering life coaching.

2. Product Businesses

Product-based businesses involve a customer purchasing a particular item, whether it is a physical or digital product. You may make your own products or source them from a wholesaler or drop-shipper. Many women have created products on Etsy, such as jewelry, art, clothing, and more.

Digital products are also in high demand. You may create ebooks on a particular subject that people can purchase or “how-to” guides. Many businesses are always on the hunt for email templates, logo and website design templates, printable calendars or workbooks, and so on.

Selling digital courses is another great product to offer to your customers. The possibilities are endless — don’t get stuck thinking a product-based business has to offer physical products. It doesn’t!

3. Freelance Businesses
A freelancer is someone who does contract work for others. They earn money on a “per job” or “gig” basis. There are so many different freelancing opportunities! Many writers, social marketers, editors, data entryists, assistants, online tutors, and photographers all use freelancing as their way to create an online business.

This is also a great way to test the waters and see how you like a particular line of work. You don’t have to build a whole business around it, and you can try out different services or industries.

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Final Thoughts 

Are you ready to start your online business? You go, mama! We have all the confidence in the world that you can use your gifts and experiences to create an income stream for your family — while also being able to be home with your kids. 

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