Check out these 8 unique ways to use styled stock photography to grow your brand!

We’re huge fans of styled stock photography. We use stock photography throughout our entire business and honestly, I know our business has grown because of it!

Using styled stock photography not only helps your business grow but also saves you so. much. time!

We tried in the past to shoot our own photos to use for our business but we quickly realized two things: 1) The amount of time it took to take gorgeous photos was not worth the return and 2) We aren’t the best at taking gorgeous photos.

While I’d love to say we’re amazing-styled stock photographers, we’re not. Our expertise is creating beautiful, professional WordPress themes, and our time is better spent honing our craft.

There are so many ways you can use styled stock photography to grow your brand and we decided to share all of the different ways we use them as well a few additional ways we haven’t tried yet!

8 Unique Ways To Use Styled Stock Photography To Help You Grow Your Brand

1 | Social media graphics

The most obvious of suggestions, but there are so many ways you can use styled stock photography for social media.

Here are suggestions on where to get started:
– Pinterest graphics
– Facebook posts
– Facebook cover page
– Twitter posts
– Twitter header
– Instagram posts
– Instagram stories
– YouTube header

Want to get the biggest bang for your buck? Check out this post from SC Stockshop on how to get 30 different image variations out of one of their images! Amazing, right?

2 | Promote your products

We use Styled Stock Society and Haute Stock‘s styled stock photos to promote our own products. It really helps bring our products to life and it matches perfectly with our brand imagery.

Here is one of the ways we use stock photos to promote our own products:

On our demo site: Each of our themes has a demo site that website visitors can view to see how one of our themes works in action.

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3 | Website

We use styled stock photography all over our website. Here are a few ideas for you:

– Blog posts
– About page
– Services page
– Sidebar navigation
– Homepage banner

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4 | Email newsletters

Email newsletters are another place where we use styled stock photos! We would recommend not using too many images in your emails because that can hurt your open rates.

5 | Sales pages

Sales pages are a great place to use styled stock photos. We use styled stock photos on our demo site to showcase all of our WordPress themes.

Instead of having your sales pages be all text, consider adding in stock photography to make the page more beautiful!

6 | Lead magnets

We use styled stock photography on all of our freebies in our resource library. You can use them on all kinds of lead magnets: Ebooks, worksheets, checklists, workbooks, webinar slides…the options are endless!

7 | Email sign-up pop up

If you have an email pop-up enabled on your site, why not give it a makeover and use a styled stock photo to jazz it up?

Now doesn’t this gorgeous email pop-up make you want to sign up for the list?

8 | Promotional materials

If you’re running a business, you probably have some type of promotional material. Here are a few ways you can incorporate stock photos into your promotional materials:
– Social media ads
– Print promo ads
– Website/banner ads
– Flyers
– Business cards

Final Thoughts

Before using styled stock photos for any of these ideas, make sure you read the usage rules for the stock photography site you purchase from. Some stock photography sites have rules of how you can and cannot use their stock photos so you want to make sure you abide by their rules!

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