Why & How You Should Use Targeted Landing Pages To Sell Your Digital Products or Services | Targeted landing pages are the best ways to get high-quality leads that turn into customers and clients for your products or services. Find out why and how you should be using them to increase your revenue for your business!

One of the best ways to market yourself is through targeted landing pages.

Targeted landing pages are personalized pages to which you’ll drive specific customer personas, whether from organic posting or paid advertising.

These pages offer more specific information about your digital product or service designed to make a convincing argument for that potential customer to convert.

If you’re still wondering why I’m advocating for using targeted landing pages on your website, well, just keep reading!

Why & How You Should Use Targeted Landing Pages To Sell Your Digital Products or Services

Why You Should Implement Targeted Landing Pages on Your Site

1 | Improves Your Conversion Rates

Let’s start off with a statistic: According to Insightera, account-based marketing converts four times more traffic than generic marketing towards wider audience bases.

Account-based marketing, essentially, is any occasion in which you personalize your marketing strategy based on one specific type of consumer.

Just sit on that one for a second — personalizing your marketing strategy with targeted landing pages can bring you up to four times more conversions than a more generic marketing approach. That fact alone makes the extra legwork well worth it.

One of our Landing Page Template customers Elle Drouin added an extra $2,000 per month to her revenue by using one of our tripwire templates. Talk about revenue growth!

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2 | Reaches More Audiences on a Personal Level

Personalizing your landing pages allows you to reach different audiences in ways that speak to the best. Maybe your product, for example, is equally beneficial and useful for stay-at-home moms and for new entrepreneurs.

These two personas have different needs and will take an interest in different aspects of your product, so you want to make sure you highlight the parts that appeal to them in separate targeted landing pages. This works super well if you are also marketing to targeted audiences.

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3 | Improves Your SEO

Creating targeted landing pages on your site is also a huge boost for your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) (psst… organic search is our biggest website referral, so we love SEO here at Bluchic!)

Essentially, this is because you are creating more opportunities to add in keywords and use those keywords effectively on your website, which then effectively draws in potential customers to your site and engages them for a significant amount of time.

The more engaged your visitors are, the more visible your site will become to other potential customers seeking the same kinds of digital products or services you offer. It’s a win-win!

Now that you have a greater understanding of why targeted landing pages are important, let’s move forward to the actual creation of them on your site!

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How to Implement Targeted Landing Pages on Your Site

1 | Create a Well-Designed Page

Don’t ever underestimate the power of a well-designed web page in converting purchases! A targeted landing page that is well-designed should have plenty of white space (it should never look crowded or cramped), it should include images, and should have only one call to action.

When you look like a website your potential clients would be attracted to, pitching them your product or service is that much easier.

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2 | Write a Captivating Headline and Page Title

Make sure the headline and title of your targeted landing page illustrate to your potential customer how your product or service will improve their lives, replace something they already have (but be much better!).

It’s important that the aim of your landing page be clear immediately both from the title and from the headline — you want to ensure that your potential customers landing on the page know exactly what your product will do for them, and feel convinced that they need that very thing in their lives… today!

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3 | Focus on the Benefits

Similar to the headline and page title, you want to make sure that the benefits of your product or service are front and center on your landing page.

Make sure to personalize them as much as possible for the audience that they’re targeting.

4 | Give Your Call-to-Action the Spotlight

It’s essential that each of your targeted landing pages only have one call-to-action (CTA).

I know, I know, the temptation to cross-merch and increase your basket size is so strong, but this landing page is not the place for that.

A singular CTA gives your customer one ultra-personalized recommendation, and the more seen, heard and understood they feel by the targeted landing page you’ve created to merch them this product, the more likely they are to add to cart right away.

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5 | Keep Your Important Info Above the Fold

A little ironic to have this one at the bottom, but important to remember nonetheless — keep essential information and the need-to-know aspects of your product or service “above the fold” of your targeted landing page, preferably in the first 50-100 words.

This ensures that your potential customer understands the product right away, and why he or she should purchase it.

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Final Thoughts

Well, friends, there you have it — how & why you need to implement targeted landing pages onto your site ASAP!

When you create a personalized experience for your potential customers, the relationship that is built feels natural.

In the end, it’s that much easier for them to decide, right on the spot, that they need your product or service today!

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