7 Strategies To Take Your Business To The Next Level & Make More Money | Here are the exact strategies we use to help us take our business to the next level.

We’ve been talking about some softer topics on the blog lately, like how to get inspired when you’re not inspired and how to overcome self-doubt as a girl boss.

So today we wanted to change things up and bring you the exact strategies we’ve been using, have used, or plan to use in the future that has helped us take our business to the next level.

7 Strategies To Take Your Business To The Next Level & Make More Money

1 | Email marketing

I’m sure you’ve heard this a million times, but let’s just make it a million and one, okay? You need to build an email list if you want your business to grow.

Could you survive and build a profitable business without an email list? Sure. But it will most likely take you a lot longer.

Especially if you sell products, you will want to have an email list so you can have direct contact with the people that say they want to hear from you.

Wondering what the heck to email your list? Start with sharing your blog posts or any content pieces you have (more on that below). Or just talk like you’re writing to a friend.

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Something else we would recommend? Setting up a welcome email series. Often people will sign up for your free random download but may not know much of who you are.

Having an email welcome series that showcases what types of services or products you offer, as well as how to get in contact with you is a great way to entice subscribers to stay on your list. It’s almost like you’re making a new friend!

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2 | Content marketing

Your email list won’t matter if you aren’t driving any traffic to your website. And the way to drive new traffic to your site? Content marketing.

Content marketing is important for various reasons: Google likes when websites are updated often (meaning more organic search traffic to your site), it shows your expertise, it helps you build a relationship and trust with your audience, it creates a way for people to share your business…and so on.

But most importantly, it gives multiple ways for people to come to your site.

When people hear of content marketing, most immediately think of having a blog. Having a blog is great! We obviously like blogging, otherwise, we wouldn’t be writing this post 🙂

But you don’t have to blog.

You could share videos. You could start a podcast. You could do a mix of all three.

What’s important is that if you do decide to focus on creating videos on YouTube or starting a podcast, you will need to drive traffic back to your website, where people can purchase your products or services.

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3 | Focus on current & past customers or clients

Hooray! You have customers or clients that are actually buying your products and using your services, congrats!

To take your business to the next level, we’ll need a little more help from these individuals.

A simple first step you can take is to ask for testimonials. Here’s a fantastic article from CopyBlogger on how you can get great testimonials from your customers or clients.

Here are just a few of our testimonials:

bluchic testimonial part

To take it a step even further, you could start an affiliate program or create a loyalty program, depending on the type of business you have.

We have an affiliate program and it has been amazing for our business growth. We are so happy to have a community of people who support and share our WordPress themes with their friends and family. It’s truly the best.

Finally, think of you how you can add value to past customers. What can you do to make it so they remember the experience of working with you and how they can share your business with others?

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4 | Partner with other businesses

This is something we’re starting to dip our toes into this year and so far it’s going amazingly well.

For example, we partnered with Elle from Styled Stock Society to include exclusive stock photos from Styled Stock Society in our Canva Social Media Templates and we create exclusive Canva templates for her stock photo membership.

Working with Elle to create something her audience will love while also adding a bonus to our templates has been great! We’ve seen a lot of success with this partnership and can’t wait to partner with other small businesses this year.

Other things you can partner on with other businesses are:
– Joint venture webinars
– Give a referral bonus to people that refer you
– Partner up with another business to offer services together

5 | Brainstorm new ways to sell your products or services

There are about a million ways you can sell your products or services, you just have to think outside the box!

Here are several ways you can sell your products or services:
– Social media advertising
– Try Google AdWords
– Do a contest or giveaway
– Send free samples
– Partner with influencers
– Start an affiliate program
– Partner with brands
– Sell on Etsy, Creative Market, Amazon, or Bonanza

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6 | Review your customer service practices

We are constantly reviewing our customer services practices and how we can continuously provide the best products and information to our customers.

Our business wouldn’t exist and we wouldn’t make an income without our customers, so they are always a top priority.

Not only do we look at ways we can better communicate with our customers, but we’re always brainstorming how we can provide great service to our blog readers and email subscribers.

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7 | Use a project management tool

Using a project management tool has been nothing short of incredible for us. When we were just starting, we weren’t using anything to keep track of what we were doing, when we were launching, when we were supposed to blog, etc. It was all over the place and it was overwhelming.

We started using Asana to manage a lot of these tasks and it has been a lifesaver. Having a place to store all of our ideas and upcoming projects has been great for staying focused on the task at hand.

This has helped us save time, which enables us to spend more time creating new WordPress themes or additional products which increases our overall revenue. Time is money and how you spend your time matters.

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Final Thoughts

Increasing revenue is a goal for a lot of small business owners and it can easily get overwhelming with all of the different tactics you can try to make more money.

We suggest starting with one of these tactics if you’re just starting out because it would be near impossible to do all of these expertly from the start.

If you need extra help, we included a free checklist for you inside our freebie library to help you out.

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