What to Include on Your PR Page on Your Site | Not sure if you need a PR page on your site? Learn why it’s so important and what to include.

Public relations (PR) can help you build your expertise, tell your brand’s story, create a positive relationship with other brands and people in your industry, and grow your reach. 

But the more “relations with the public” you have, the more you need to make it easy for people to connect with you, ask you questions, or even schedule interviews!

That’s where a PR page on your website can come in handy. It’s also a great place to showcase other places you’ve been featured. 

You may be wondering what to include on this page or what to do if you don’t have any press to showcase. Let’s dive into why you need a PR page on your site, what it is, and what to include. 

Why You Need a PR Page

The overarching goal of PR is to offer your expertise and insights to a person, brand, or audience — and then those people/brands/audiences will drive new customers to your site and sales to your bottom line. 

To get the most results from your PR efforts, though, you want to have a place to showcase all of the places you’ve shown up! More and more business owners are making PR a top priority and a PR page allows you to control your brand’s narrative. You are in control of what is shared and how it’s presented. 

A press page is where you showcase all of the places your business has been featured on and offline. This can include guest posts on other sites, articles you were quoted in, guest podcast appearances, brands you’ve partnered with, and more. You may be thinking you don’t have any press to share, but you’re probably wrong! 

Here are all the ways that a PR page on your website can help your business:

1 | Expertise

Getting featured in the media, whether it’s an interview or a partnership, shows your audience that you’re a trusted expert in your specific industry. Think about it this way: When you see that someone’s been interviewed on a podcast or shows up on another person’s blog, you are more likely to trust their credibility, right? Especially if you recognize the outlet or podcast. 

The more times you are mentioned on other platforms and places, the more trust your followers will have in your expertise.

2 | Social Proof

It’s helpful to think about media mentions as a “review” of your business. When people buy products or services, it’s likely they will read reviews before moving forward. 

The press features you have serve as the social proof your followers are looking for, boosting their know, like, and trust in you. Plus, when someone is choosing between your business and another, having PR experience gives them more places to check you out and see if your business is the right one for them. 

3 | Additional Press Opportunities

Without a PR page on your site, event organizers, podcast hosts, or other brands might not be sure how to get ahold of you, or if you have enough experience. You will be taken more seriously as a business owner if you showcase the outlets where you have already appeared. 

It gives press outlets, hosts, and organizers the information they need without having to contact you! This saves you time and also makes a smoother request process (which makes it more likely someone will reach out to you.)

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4 | Organization

As you grow your PR strategy and start to show up more places, you will want a place to keep all of these guest posts, appearances, interviews, releases, etc. in one location. That’s what a press page can do! Best of all? A PR page will also help to boost your SEO! By organizing your press and media features in one place, journalists, brands, and organizers will be impressed by your professionalism and more eyes will land on your site. 

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What to Include on Your PR Page on Your Site 

Now that we’ve convinced you to create a PR page, let’s talk about when you need one and what to include. While you can add your featured podcasts or appearances to any page on your site, generally it’s time to add a PR page to your website when you’ve been featured on 4-5 various platforms.

Once you’ve hit that number, formatting your PR page is up to you. Take a peek at some of these press page examples:

CoSchedule’s Press Page:


Toast’s Press Page:


Now that you’ve see examples of a PR page, let’s break down the anatomy of them and what they should include. 

You want your PR page to be easy to find if you want people to actually see where you’ve been featured in the media. We suggest putting the link to your PR page at the top of your site or in your navigation menu – don’t make it hard to find! What should you include on your PR page? Here are a few suggestions to get you thinking:

  • Podcast interviews
  • Guest posts
  • Articles that quote or mention you
  • Speaking engagements
  • Joint brand ventures
  • HARO features
  • Awards and nominations
  • Contact info for you/your team
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Media Kit

Some entrepreneurs choose to make their PR page into a downloadable media kit that includes promotional materials and information about their brand and business so news outlets and press can easily write articles about them. 

It can also be a vital resource for someone who wants to feature you in an article, blog, or interview without the hassle of a last-minute request! You want to include a quick bio about who you are and what your business is all about along with your partnerships, press features, awards, etc. 

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How to Book You

Don’t forget to include a section for podcast hosts, event organizers, and press to contact and book you for an event, podcast, interview, and more! Make it easy for companies and other brands to shoot you an email without searching hard. Look at this example from Freshbooks


Notice how the PR team’s email and number are located at the top of the page, linked in one place. 

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Final Thoughts 

Press and PR can be a great way to grow your business’s reach and serve more people. You just want to make sure that your efforts are documented and easy for others to access. Because press begets more press! 

Of course, if you want help creating a press page that’s easy to navigate and gorgeous to boot, check out our Chic line of Add-On Kits. Like our ChicSpark Add-On Kit, designed for polished, luxe service brand that wants to shine.

Use our podcast page, our resources page, or affiliate page template to design the PR page you need to stand out and shine!