Tips to Grow Your Health and Wellness Business | You’ve launched your health and wellness business, but’re stuck in a rut. Check out these 4 tips for growing and scaling with less stress.

There are so many fantastic entrepreneurs in the health and wellness space.

They’re passionate, super smart, and dedicated to their clients.

However, if you’re a new health and wellness entrepreneur yourself, you know that passion and dedication alone aren’t enough to earn an income and grow your biz. (We wish that was the case!)

What does it take to create a sustainable, thriving health and wellness business?

Check out our tips below!

4 Ways to Grow Your Health & Wellness Business

1 | Review your business model

Your health and wellness business should suit your skills, interests, and goals. It’s your business, after all! If you’re looking for ways to nurture your new business, ask yourself these questions to see where you can make changes or improvements:

  • Is my business tied to a physical location (like a fitness studio) or do I mainly work online? Do I want my business to do both, or just one?
  • Do I want to work with clients 1:1, in groups, or both? If groups are part of my model, do I want to work with small or large groups?
  • What do I offer right now? What do I want to offer in the future? Physical products, courses, merchandise, etc. 
  • Will my business be sustainable when the unexpected (like COVID-19) happens?

These questions can help you determine where you are now and where you’d like to be. If you’re not happy with the way things are going with your biz at the moment, you can start adjusting your business model to meet your new goals.

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2 | Increase your brand awareness

If one of your main goals is to get potential clients to notice you, then you have to put your business out there! One of the best budget-friendly ways to do that is to increase your brand reach through social media.

Run a quick audit of your social media profiles. Look at details like:

1. Logo, graphics, or images used. Are they consistent across platforms? Do they look and feel like your brand? If your social media isn’t recognizable as your brand, that’s a lost opportunity to gain followers and build trust with your audience.

2. Language and personality. How does your brand “sound?” Like your visuals, how you communicate with your audience should be on-brand and consistent.

3. Posting frequency and engagement. How often are you publishing posts and/or stories? Do you like and respond to customer comments? Do you follow relevant hashtags? Remember that social media is social! Keep up your end of the conversation to show appreciation for your followers.

4. What you’re posting. Your social feeds should be an interesting mix of post types. Informative or entertaining posts like industry news or behind-the-scenes content, engaging content like tutorials or user-generated content, and finally, promotional content about your products or services. A good mix doesn’t feel too salesy or fake. 

Social media platforms can be used to connect with your target audience and build brand awareness. Use it to your advantage!

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3 | Publish content consistently

Yes, social media posts are a type of content, but for this tip, let’s talk about other types of content you should consider publishing. Blog posts, vlogs, email newsletters, and podcast episodes are a few examples.

You don’t have to do all of these types of content in addition to social media! If you’re already running a blog, for example, work on publishing great posts regularly. You can even repurpose blog post content into social media posts or email newsletters if you want. 

The main goal is to get into the habit of creating content consistently. Not only is it great for SEO, but people can find your content on other platforms — email, YouTube, wherever they listen to podcasts — and navigate to your website from there.

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4 | Expand into other channels

Let’s say you’re already happy with your business model, social media presence, and content creation schedule. But you’re itching to do more. What might you do to grow your health and wellness biz even further?

Play to your strengths and brainstorm ways to expand other services, products, or brand awareness! For example, if you love teaching, maybe you can create a video course that’s in line with your business model.

Is writing one of your strengths? Think about writing and publishing your own book. Not quite ready for that yet? Look into writing guest posts for other health and wellness blogs. Both can supplement your income.

If you love anything tech-related, why not build a health and wellness app? There are so many options for apps, including nutrition, fitness, meditation and mental health, building healthy habits, and so on. Or, you could create a website separate from your own brand that aggregates health and wellness content, and become the go-to source for industry news.

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Final Thoughts 

Running a health and wellness business takes a lot of hard work. Try not to get overwhelmed by tackling all of these new projects at once! It may be easier to focus on improving and growing one thing at a time. Once you have that down pat, move onto the next area of your biz.

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